Yearly Archives: 2017

Tuesday Night Fun Dives

A few of our divers have organized a regular Tuesday night dive.They meet up at 6:30 pm and usually hit the water at 7 pm. We have made this a regular shop function now, this will include a 50% off rental for anyone who would like to dive with us.… Read More»

Question #5

Imagine, I accidentally get tangled in something. What should I do first? A) Stop, think, and slowly untangle myself B) Try to turn around and see where I am tangled C) Ask my buddy to help untangle me D) Take off my scuba unit

Question #4

Most Diver injuries caused by aquatic animals occur because A) the animal thinks you are food B) the animal is aggressive C) the animal is protecting itself from the diver D) the diver did not feed the animal

Question #3

Question of the week!!! I have four people who have been responding but you still have a shot to win! Question: I should take a local area orientation dive whenever I… A) Dive anywhere, even if I have dove there before B) Dive in a new place C) Dive without… Read More»

Question #2 2/08

What can happen to me if I hold my breath while ascending on a dive? A. My lungs can over-expand, which could cause serious injury B. My scuba equipment may not work properly C. I might hurt my ears or sinuses D. Nothing would happen to me

Question #1 2/01

Hello Divers! Your question this week should be an easy one for you and its multiple choice! Whether an object sinks or floats may be changed by… A) increasing or decreasing its weight B) increasing or decreasing its volume C) taking it from fresh to salt water D) all of… Read More»