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Join the growing ranks of certified divers!  We use the most respected, number one, dive education system in the world, PADI.  We provide program choices which include on-line e-learning or a traditional course.  The practical portion of our program is exciting from the first time you enter the pool and continues beyond receiving your PADI Certification, which is recognized by divers worldwide!

  • Traditional students will take OW1 Classroom Session, OW2 Classroom Session, Confined Water (Pool) Session and then Open Water (Lake) Session in order.  Classes are offered both weeknights and weekends for your convenience.  Please see our calendar page for upcoming classes and dates.
  • E-Learning students need to take Confined Water (Pool) Session and then Open Water (Lake) Session in order.  Additionally a knowledge assessment will be required prior to the first pool session. Classes are offered weeknights and weekends for your convenience.  Please see our calendar page for upcoming classes and dates.
Traditional   On-Line
Classroom/Pool  175.00
 Pool  105.00
 Open Water Dives  225.00  225.00
 On-Line Course  185.00
 Sub-Total  400.00  515.00
Summer Special  300.00
 Books/Crew Pack  94.00*  55.00*
 Total  394.00*  570.00**

* – Plus 6% Sales Tax

** – Payments are made to PADI, and GLDL/LSS for e-Learning courses
*** – Private courses, Referral courses, and Refresher courses are available as well!

Interested in E-learning? There’s more information here.

Students do need to provide their own mask, fins & snorkel.  See the professionals at GLDL/LSS for packages and custom fitting!