Haigh Quarry Trip – August 2014 – Day 1

August 9th and August 10th of 2014, 4 divers from GLDL and LSS trekked to Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, Illinois for some training and Dive Cache Maintenance.  The divers left West Michigan early Saturday morning and met up at the quarry in time to get 4 dives in before the end of the day Saturday.

The first dive was a long surface swim with a cinder block on a lift back back to the area near the deep hole.  Our mission was to attach the cache to the cinder block to keep the cache from drifting from its planted location.  Water temperature at depth was a chilly 47 degrees, but visibility in the deep hole was easily 20 feet.

The second dive was a combination of a Peak Performance Buoyancy Training Dive and setting the south west cache on a cinderblock as well.  The Peak Performance Buoyancy training went well for all the divers.  However there was some difficulty setting the cache in the proper location.  As the planned dive time limit approached, the decision was made to set the cache near the spot and return on Sunday.

The third dive of the day was a second Peak Performance Buoyancy Training Dive and pleasure dive.  We all got a practical lesson in the importance of weight keepers as we tried to analyze trim problems for the divers.  Otherwise the skills went well and staying in the shallow end of the quarry gave us the opportunity to stay a bit warmer.  Unfortunately the visibility at that North end of the quarry was way down from the dozens of other student divers working on their open water certification.  Running the obstacle course for buoyancy was fun and everyone performed admirably.

Rested and warm, the decision was made to go perform maintenance on the North East Cache.  This required a long surface swim across the quarry, but the setting of the cache went fast and there was still time for a pleasure tour at the end of the day.

Look for a Day 2 Report later this week.