Tank Service

Dive tanks need to be checked on a regular basis.  The Scuba professionals at GLDL/LSS are certified in tank inspection and maintenance services.


A Visual Inspection is required of all tanks prior to being filled.  A current tag from a recognized provider must be checked prior to filling.

A Hydrostatic Test is required of all tanks every five years.

A Visual Eddy Test is required of tanks manufactured prior to 1989.  A VE test is completed during the Hydrostatic Test by GLDL/LSS inspectors.  This is a relatively new requirement and not all HT facilities perform this test.

Visual Inspection Only     $15.00*

Hydrostatic Test & VIP Only     $39.00*

Visual Eddy Test Only     $15.00

Tank Valve Repair     $30.00

Tank Cleaning for Nitrox Service     $45.00

Double Tank Service     $50.00
includes Assembly/Disassembly

* Price does not include air fill based on size and pressure of tank