Training Day – August 17, 2014

Today is scuba diving training day

Sunday Morning was cool and rainy, but the divers at Lake Sixteen were excited and ready to get wet. Well, completely wet and take on some nitrogen. The dive plan for the day was to handle some Open Water Diver training dives; complete a Peak Performance Buoyancy distinctive speciality; start an Advanced Open Water Diver program; and a pleasure dive for a diver certified only a couple of weeks ago.

Elizabeth was ready for her first day of open water diving.  She was excited to try SCUBA diving and had committed to the training because of friends that are divers.  She was growing tired of all of them having the great stories and pictures and wanted to take part in the adventure.  She was a little apprehensive with the newness of it all, but quickly got in the swing of things and was able to complete open water dive #1 and open water dive #2 with a big smile on her face.

Christine had her eye on the end of her training and was geared up and ready to complete open water dives #3 and #4.  She has a dive trip to the Caribbean planed and is looking forward to some warm water diving after all the training in the inland lakes.  Training dives 3 and 4 require some of the skills that put everything you’ve learned to date to the test, but she nailed the objectives and can call herself an Open Water Scuba Diver now.

Cassie was certified almost 10 years ago and has returned to work on her Advanced Open Water.  Although she took a SCUBA review two months ago, she wanted to ease into the Advanced Open Water dives and began with a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive.  Her dive skills were great, but some of the lessons and feedback from a dive instructor helped her streamline up and hone her buoyancy control.  She is considering doing the second Peak Performance Buoyancy dive to get that much better at this vital fundamental skill.

Roger recently completed his Advanced Open Water and wanted to get his buoyancy under control.  Peak Performance Buoyancy was a natural next step as a great class for him.  He completed the first dive of Peak Performance Buoyancy as one of his adventure dives for Advanced Open Water.  He did great on the dives and is excited to count himself among those who have completed the PPB distinctive speciality.

The last diver joining Doug and Jonathan was Bill.  Bill decided to flesh out his life by pursuing adventures, and SCUBA diving was an adventure he started pursuing a bit ago.  Since he started diving Bill has fell in love with diving and is excited to dive.  Bill was surprised to learn that certified divers are welcome to join us on training dives if we have space available based on our student to instructor ratios.  The look of wonder at seeing the huge Crappie and Bass underwater today was priceless.  I regret not having a photo of the smile on his face as he told the tale.

Despite the weather it was a great morning of SCUBA diving.  The water was relatively warm, the surface was calm, and the slight breeze kept everyone comfortable on the surface gearing up and packing at the end of the dive.  Of course, the post dive log book signing meal at Wayland Big Boy was fun.  We all enjoyed telling tales of what we saw, what we learned and what we can’t wait to do.

Please consider joining us for a training dive soon.

Until then, Keep Calm and Dive On!

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