Conservation Diver

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This course will teach the vital role conservation plays in the local area.

What will you learn?

The PADI Conservation Course will expand your knowledge about the local and regional ecosystem. You’ll gain experience scuba diving by completing two dives from a boat in your local area and learn:

  • Terms like conservation, ecology, and appropriate application in marine research.
  • Factors influencing water purity and contamination sources.
  • The effects of commercial fishing.
  • Standard research techniques.
  • Organizations involved in marine conservation.

 What scuba gear will you use?

Beyond using basic scuba equipment, you’ll want to have a slate for recording observations.

Take the Next Step

The traditional course consists of one classroom session and one dive.  Dives are coordinated based on the schedule of the divers.

Traditional Course & Open Water Dives:   $65.00**


** – Equipment Rental Fees, if necessary, and boat charter are additional.  Course fee include all materials, taxes, classroom, and instructor dive time.
*** – Private courses, Referral courses, and Refresher courses are available!


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