Open Water Diver Open Water Session Lake Sixteen

Also known as OWD OW L16, this is two days of open water diving at Lake Sixteen near Martin Michigan.  Before attending this class you must complete the following items:

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  • Complete Session OWD CW GR

This class is offered on select dates on different dates throughout the month.  You must register in advance with the store.  The class leaves the dive shop at the posted time.  You must be at the shop 10 minutes prior to this departure with all of your gear.

  • Sunday Class 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Bring your PADI Open Water Diver crew pack, mask, fins, snorkel, wet suit, hood, gloves, boots, weights, weight pockets, weight belt, regulator, cylinder to the lake with you.  A towel and change of warm clothes for after the dive is strongly recommended.