Self-Reliant Diver


The purpose of the Self-Reliant Diver specialty course is to recongnize and accept the role of the buddy system and its contributions to diver saftey while identifying and developing self-reliance and independence while diving.  There are two reasons for an experienced diver to take the Self-Reliant Diver Course.

1) To develop the skills of planning and carrying out dives without a partner when preferred or necessary.

2) To sharpen skills of diving self-reliance, making the diver a stronger partner in a dive pair or team.

What will you learn?

You’ll develop an understanding of the value and application of the buddy system and the philosophy of, and motivation for, diving without a partner.  You’ll be introduced to the risks, risk management techniques, and the need for equipment redundancy in self-reliant diving.  Finally, you’ll improve your dive skills, planning and gas management when diving without a partner.

What scuba gear will you use?

Besides your basic scuba equipment, you’ll want to have your own redundant equipment to initiate an emergency exit from a diving situation without undue stress.

Take the Next Step

The traditional course consists of three dives.  Dives are coordinated based on the schedule of the divers.  

Open Water Dives:   $128.00**

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** – Equipment Rental Fees, if necessary, are additional.  Course fee include all materials, taxes, classroom, and instructor time.
*** – Private courses, Referral courses, and Refresher courses are available!