Once you invest in quality dive gear, you want it to last and perform well over many years of diving. GLDL/LSS are full-service Dive Centers and offer a wide range of equipment services.

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Air Fills: GLDL/LSS will fill any cylinder that is current on its VIP and Hydro.


Tank Services: Dive tanks need to be checked on a regular basis.  The Scuba professionals at GLDL/LSS are certified in tank inspection and maintenance services. A Visual Inspection is required of all tanks prior to being filled.  A current tag from a recognized provider must be checked prior to filling. Visual inspections are required on all cylinders annually. A Hydrostatic Test is required of all tanks every five years.

Regulator Services: GLDL/LSS recommend your regulator be rebuilt every other year, or by manufacturer recommendation.  You should have your regulator inspected in-between rebuilds. Our inspection service includes: checking the intermediate pressure, cracking pressure, filter, mouthpiece, and hoses. All regulators are repaired or rebuilt with factory parts.  When repairing or rebuilding a regulator our certified technicians go by factory specifications.


BCD Services: One of the most important pieces of equipment a diver can own!  The BCD is often to most ignored as well!  GLDL/LSS B.C.D. Service will get your device back in great shape.